2012年9月24日 星期一

Le Pain Oh Bread

   Joyce is a lovely person and the only thing she likes to eat is bread @@ Her birthday is coming, so I decided to make a bread charm to her, fingercross! hope she likes it as much as I do.
                                                                                   *   *
I am definetely not an experienced on making bread as they are not my favorite food, however, I do really want to impress her so I try a few times and here is the result!

2012年9月16日 星期日

J'aime rose!!

Remember the table I show you in my last post? It has been put with a flower pot and I made a little bird!!! Pictured it today, I love this picture very much! Also, the sunlight made the whole scene more warm and shabby.

These days, I tidy my table and decided to work on my studies more often, I'm studying chemistry right now but I will still take some time for miniatures as a way to distress!

* * *

2012年9月12日 星期三

Back with some,... Tart

I haven't blogged minis for a long time as my camera wasn't working... I have been working on different things since then, this is the first piece that I made, a blueberries, strawberries and raspberries tart.
Mixed Berries Tart. in general. 
It turns out em... 6/10 satisfying... I'm still trying to use different methods for the berries and the tart base.. I want to make it more real and makes you ''WOW'' in the future haha. 

OKay, here is the next piece, 
I made the table yesterday ... tough job but 7/10 satisfying.

We'll see what will put on the table in the coming weeks!

2012年9月2日 星期日

Challenge! 挑戦~*

Hallo everybody, sorry for the lack of update... It's because my camera (olympus EP-L1) is broken... I'm so frustrated ... but these days I work on cupcakes and tarts which are inspired by Nunu's house (My favourite artist) , I mean he should be everyone's favourite miniature artist! haha Tomorrow school start but I'm quite sure I'll still make miniatures in coming years as I'm so innn love with it!
However, my etsy shop will be closed for coming years :( lolz. No worries! I'll still update my minis to you all in blog.
After I got my new camera, I'll make sure you will have the first look on the tart, which will be in my ''new style.''
 -- Simple * beautiful * Delicate

2012年8月20日 星期一


  You haven't seen me for a while ... haha I went for a vacation to France!! This is my second time to France and I still like that place. But some french are quite rude tho... I guess every trips has good memories and bad. 
* * *
Since it's the second time, my dad brought us to somewhere else to St Mont Michel(the last pic)
It is stunning but we spent a lot of time going there so... it's better if you get there by car!

* * *
I bought a beloved things in Paris, France. 

She is a porcelain doll, I haven't named her yet... I like her so much! To be honest, I was supposed to search for some ''baby-face'' porcelain doll and I found one in the doll museum store in Paris, but sadly, that doll has some flaws on her face which the lady told me that is the last one. So, I went for another (of course i search for different shops) and I found this!! 
Shine Brightly!!
May the odds be ever in your favor (from hunger games lolz)

2012年7月29日 星期日

* Making Rabbit Toppings....

  Loads of homework and summer assigements needed to be done these days ... but I'm still enjoying myself on making these Bunny shape cookies! I haven't painted them in any color yet as this process is very complicated *v* They are only in 3 mm size...

I'll show you some pictures of these decorated cookies later... I'll probably put it on the cupcake as a topping. Sometimes I wonder how can I paint them properly .. they are too small @@ 
Finally... Finished! 
It is only in 0.5 mm size ^^
Available on my etsy site!
Off to go to Amy's miniature workshop :*) Happy Monday !!

2012年7月24日 星期二

Zakka Chic *

Guess what? I bought a antique jug last few days, inspired by one of the Japanese magazine- 
I've decided to make a pink jug with pink roses, I've never made a jug in pink, as I think it is too cute and kawaii. But it turn out really nice haha, 
Do you feel that? Roses speaks of elegence and childhood dreams....

(within 4 minutes woahhooo) ''

2012年7月21日 星期六

{Everyday Life} Surprise?

  It has been a very busy week@@ I couldn't really go and watch a TV epsiode Arg!! I'm a TV addictor, for pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, the lying game.. you name it. But one happy thing is I 've finished making my Mist Green from Amy's workshop.

I've been making it for like 2 months and I'm pleased with my result! This course really helps me a lot in making plants and stuff, they look really sunshine and heart warming. 

2012年7月18日 星期三

My sweet dream..

Inspired by one of my favourite miniaturist --- nunu, you can visit her blog : http://koapin.blog61.fc2.com/page-1.html

I made a petit'' dessert tray? stand?

With my favourite strawberry roll and a pink macaron, oppss and the rose too, oh wait, and that lace is amazing too!! haha , I'm just thrilled!
It's kinda my new try, as you can see, it is not as vintage as it seem, it is more like a french or shabby chic, fancy type. 
What do you think? 



2012年7月15日 星期日

Peonies & Macarons

Peonies & Macarons are always my favourite, not that I'm doing it very great but I just love doing it haha. I know in the future I wouldn't have so much time making minis but whatsoever, 
I need to get into University first!!

2012年7月13日 星期五

Making Furnitures... miniature CUPBOARD

  I bought a material set from my tutor, Amy a week ago. I started to make the cupboard a while ago and found it quiet difficult as there are a lot of techiques used and the coloring... setting... accuracy of the pieces of wood @@ Crazy lolz. Practically I didn't follow all of the instruction as there are too much haha but here's the final work 

The windows appearantly arent in parallel lines, well, whatsoever, maybe it create a more shabby look 
I did put effort in it but it turns out... well... .JUST PASS. Guess my cutting wood techique still needs improvement.

I put a lovely peonies on the cupboard, turns out pretty nice ^^ I decided in the furture, I'll put my antique jugs and flowers on the cupboard for photo(: 

Tell me what you think (:

2012年7月5日 星期四

Twink Twink! Macaron Tower

The Second attempt on making a macaron tower.. I wouldn't think it's very delicate but the whole scene looks pretty cool!
What do you think?
* * *
Wouldn't hide the fact that my first attempt on making the tower was a disaster.

LOLZ!!! This looks terrible, I wouldn't actually wanted to take a picture of it but I think.. maybe you might want to take a look on my FAIL products, don't you? ^~^ I believed everyone failed many times on their way to perfection. 
Besides taking pictures of my success one, I have something wanted to share with you.
(half of suceed, my dad&mum said I need to work on my coloring, which is very true as I use a ''not so good'' oil color for my clay, I think I might need to buy a Japan brand oil paint.

It is a really good question asked. I actually have no idea, but I think no matters what happened, BE POLITE is the best way for a seller to do. 
I'm telling you guys this becuase I recently faced a pretty hard situation...
I think I should just tell -Customer A- that....
that.... that.... I'd love to do a custom made order and I really like -A- idea on the scene, However, as my custom made order only design for a whole scene. Thus I apologize that I couldn't take your request.. 

IS THAT OKAY? ... Opps ... I think I should think about it again.

2012年7月3日 星期二

Macaron Here I go!

I just made a lovely high tea scene, once I put it on etsy, it was sold within 3 hours!!
I was very excited and pleased ^^
I'm having a great mood today, so I'm heading to Sham Shui Po myself, which is a place for everything .. anything you want / 
you might find it over there, and the price is very cheap too (:

I was thinking... maybe I should try to make some macaron towers and a ... well, a macaron tower on the left, and ... em... em maybe some little flowers on the side ^^
By the way, Laduree is my favourite thing in the world (: 

2012年7月1日 星期日

Rabbit! Hop!

Rabbit! Hop! 
This is my first try on making the peonies onto the bird cage, I guess it turn out pretty good.
I have a huge crush on rabbit these days.
I've bought a rabbit t-shirt and draw a rabbit figure Woaah
Everything rabbit.

2012年6月23日 星期六

Ups and Downs

Sure thing- I'm not a regular blogger :p  I don't exepct many people will read my site . hahaa
What makes me comes here today is talking about Life.
Life has its ups and downs
I was so depressed as I don't know a bit on my Math exam, I supposed to do a better job....
I felt so nervous all the time and so stressed. I just lost myself in these couples days.
But I believed in miracle, you see, I randomly opened my computer today but I remember to surf on deviantart.com,
what I see and what I read is just amazing, I am so happy that I was given such amazing and lovely comments about my work.
It is like a dream coming true.
I love miniature, I love photography, I love art.
This is my life!
And right now I'm doing study of biology chemistry and maths and chinese and Liberal Studies!?(you have no idea how dumb Liberal study is in Hong Kong. )

One thing about being on top of the world? You have a long long way to crash on the ground.

I don't except high marks this time but I wish I can do better next time.

At the moment I'm planning to work on Tole painting more than miniature, as tole painting is a larger project and it requires even more PATIENT and TECHNIQUES than you ever imagine.

2012年4月24日 星期二

My love...

~Rose Garden~

I love rose for many reasons, 
they are lovely, romantic, fantasy....
but also for one big main reason---
as long as it is vintage stuff, you can always put some rose on it to enhance the feeling
Personally, I don't like red, I like pink..& light green ... 
and Roses is fit with any light color
How great is that?
I've just launched another shop, well, it is combined with my friend 
due to one reason-- my dad don't allow me to open mine,
so my friend suggest we do a combination together.
Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RosaliaCherrice?ref=seller_info
I hope our shop is gaining more and more attention in the next few months.
Just these days, remembering back the times I've tried so hard for my shop and it succeed!
I hope my passion inside my heart won't stop burning (;

These are some few items :


2012年2月5日 星期日

Birthday gift...

This is a birthday gift to my friend..

hee I hope she likes it!